Wyoming Board of Midwifery

Board Composition

The Board is empowered to provide for the licensure and regulation of midwives practicing in Wyoming. There are seven (7) seats on this Board; Senate confirmation is not required. The Board is required to meet at least three (3) times a year. The service term for a Board member is four (4) years.

Appointment distribution: (4) certified professional midwives, (1) certified nurse midwife, (1) physician licensed under the Medical Practice Act who is board certified in either obstetrics and gynecology or family medicine and who has experience in primary maternity care and (1) consumer of midwifery care.

If you are interested in serving on this or other boards, please visit the Governor's Web Site on Boards.

The Wyoming Board of Midwifery is staffed through the Professional Licensing Boards Office, a division of A&I.